Dan Chammas – Tips For New Law School Students

Before he embarked on a successful legal career that has spanned more than fifteen years, Dan Chammas was a student at Stanford Law School, which is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the United States. To succeed in law school, students will need to adapt in a number of ways so they can face challenges they may not have experienced during their undergraduate studies. The following are all useful pointers for those who are just getting started.

Dan Chammas

Get Organized

You will be faced with an enormous volume of work practically from the moment you start law school so you need to get organized as quickly as possible. Create a study schedule and find an area where you feel comfortable in doing your reading. Your aim, especially at first, is to start making sense of the materials that you are given. Your lessons will help with this, but that is not an excuse to hold back on your studying. Get started early and you should find that everything comes together quickly.

Always Do Your Reading

Most of your classes will require you to have done some reading beforehand. Not only will this prepare you for the class, but it will also allow you to figure out areas of the reading that you don’t understand, which means you will have questions to ask during the session. Sitting in the class quietly and trying to avoid being picked to answer questions because you haven’t done the reading prevents you from taking full advantage of the benefits that the classroom offers you.

Take Notes

When reading over your cases you should get into the habit of taking notes. This is called ‘briefing’ the case and the notes you take should be short and concise. Your aim with these notetaking sessions is to pick out anything that stands out to you, be it a relevant law for a specific aspect of the case or a contradiction in what you are reading.

Study With Others

Many law students try to take a lone approach to their studies, but this prevents you from accessing the benefits that come from working as part of a team. Try arranging a study group and you will find that most cases offer alternative perspectives. This will give you a more well-rounded view of the materials you are studying, plus it can act as preparation for working as part of a legal team.

Lower Your Stress

Law school will present a lot of stresses, so you need to be in a position to handle them. Make sure you eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep. You should also take advantage of any opportunities you have to take time for yourself.

Dan Chammas is an experienced attorney and Stanford Law School graduate.

Dan Chammas – A Few Reasons to Stay Active and Physically Fit

Dan Chammas is a successful and dedicated lawyer who has experience litigating and resolving nearly every employment dispute in the business. He regularly works with Fortune 500 companies, premier providers of goods and services, and even small businesses. In addition to his career, he is also interested in his own well-being. Here are some reasons to stay physically fit.

Dan Chammas

Staying physically fit improves your mood. After a hard day or week of work, going for a run or hitting the gym can be the perfect way to unwind. Not only are do you get a sense of satisfaction from improving yourself, your body, and your life in general, but exercise also releases a number of “feel good” chemicals in the brain that will help you want to stay active in the future as well.

It can greatly impact your ability to lose weight. This is a main reason for many people to start exercising, but it doesn’t work simply on its own. When combined with a healthy diet, exercise will help you lose weight fast, and keep it off as long as you stick to a regular regiment. When you start to see the results of your hard work, you’ll be able to stay motivated well into the future.

Staying fit and being active boosts your energy levels immensely. When you exercise regularly, your body is naturally more energized than it normally would be. Exercises strengthens your body, and boosts your endurance, which can have a major impact on your everyday life, especially at work.

Dan Chammas strives to stay active so he performs better at work, and his personal life.


Dan Chammas – Important Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for a Lawyer

Dan Chammas is an individual who is committed to his career in law, and has worked in order to provide the best legal representation he can for his clients. He has been working as a corporate lawyer for several years, and he has experience resolving and litigating nearly every employment dispute in the field. He also has experience particularly in class action lawsuits having to do with hour, wage, and consumer class actions. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, premier providers of goods and services across the country, entertainment studios, and small businesses with varying levels of employees.

Dan Chammas

For people who aren’t familiar with the law industry, it can be a daunting task trying to find the right legal representation. It takes a lot of research to know just exactly what you need, how much you want to spend, and who to spend your money on when it comes to your legal needs. There are a number of factors that you need to keep in mind in order to find the right representation. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a lawyer.

When you are trying to decide on a lawyer, figure out how long they’ve been practicing in a particular area of law. Don’t simply ask how long they’ve practiced law, as there are a number of different specialties that they could have switched their focus to throughout their careers. This should be the first question you ask as you sit down to discuss your options; if they haven’t already provided their background, education, and skills to you, you’re going to need to figure these specifics out as well.

Figure out how much a particular lawyer or firm’s services will cost. Lawyers can be extremely expensive, especially when it comes to serious matters. You don’t want to get representation that’s considered cheap, but you also don’t want to blindly pay a lawyer more than he or she is worth. Most people will have a price range when it comes to their legal needs, which means you should figure out what that is before you start looking around.

Try to gage a potential lawyer’s opinions on your case before you hire them. This can be tricky, as it may be difficult for a professional to tell you just exactly what they think before you pay them, but most representatives will at least tell you how they feel when it comes to a potential case, and what their services may be able to provide you. If you notice them telling you only positive things regarding your case, take their words with a grain of salt as this may be a good indicator that you can’t trust them professionally.

Dan Chammas understands that finding representation can be difficult, which is why he is honest with his clients.

Dan Chammas – The Details of the New California Sick Leave Law

Dan Chammas is a skilled litigator with extensive experience defending companies against class action lawsuits, particularly those having to do with wage, hour, and consumer class actions. He is dedicated to his career, and he has represented a number of Fortune 500 companies, premier providers of goods and services across the country, entertainment studios, and small businesses with varying levels of employees. He has extensive experience in corporate law, and has resolved nearly every type of employment dispute, which includes wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and unpaid wages. He has a clear understanding of corporate law in the state of California, and he helps his clients any way he can.

Dan Chammas

Recently in the state of California, a new law has been passed that will require nonprofit organizations to provide employees with paid sick leave. The California Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 will impose new paid sick leave requirements for the benefit of employees in the state, and all employers will have to comply. The new law is specific, and there are essential details that employers need to follow. Here are the important details of the new law in place.

The new law covers virtually all employers, which includes not for profit companies. It doesn’t matter the size of the company because the law doesn’t specifically exclude businesses or organizations under a certain number of employees. In fact, the number of exceptions to the law is very limited, and all employers need to review their sick leave policies in order to ensure they working in accordance with the new stipulations. The law also applies to nonprofit organizations that working outside the state, but have California employees.

Nonprofit organizations need to guarantee at least three paid sick days per year. Under the new law, all employees who have worked more than thirty days need to have one sick day per every thirty hours worked. Although sick leave needs to roll over for every new year, employers are allowed to limit the use of sick leave in a year to twenty-four hours, or three days of work. No carry over of sick leave is necessary if the employer provides three days at the start of each new year.

As the new law begins to have an impact, all employers have to provide written notice to their employees explaining the new regulations. Not only do they have to explain how the new law works, but they also have to explain how each employee has the right to use paid sick leave. This includes informing each employee that they also have the right to file a complaint if they feel their paid sick leave policies are in accordance with the new law.

Dan Chammas is well informed of the new law and its importance details. He makes sure that his corporate clients understand completely.


Dan Chammas – How to Conduct a Lawful Job Interview

Dan Chammas is an employment lawyer with considerable expertise in California employment law. He has been victorious in a number of class action suits, in which he defended many organizations against claims of discrimination, wrongful termination, unpaid wages, and much more. He has also published many articles on employment law, and frequently advises his clients on how to conduct their business lawfully. This starts with the hiring process, and adhering to legal requirements when conducting job searches and interviews.

Dan Chammas

When asking questions in an interview, it is important to consider discrimination laws and think about things from an interviewee’s perspective. There are many things that you are not allowed to take into consideration when making hiring decisions, including race, gender, religion, family status, and much more. If a topic is not relevant to the hiring process, stay away from any questions about it, or phrase the questions in a way that allows you to obtain the information that you need professionally. For example, ask if the applicant is over the age of 18 instead of directly asking how old they are to avoid being perceived as ageist.

Another extremely important thing to be aware of when discussing the job is any promises you are making. Do not make any promises unless you are absolutely sure that the company can keep them, otherwise, there may be basis for a lawsuit. It is especially important not to discuss the company’s financial future. Dan Chammas is an expert in employment law and discrimination policies in California.


Dan Chammas – What is an Independent Contractor?

As an employment lawyer, Dan Chammas frequently deals with cases regarding employee misclassification and other similar problems. One of the biggest causes of these conflicts is the misclassification of employees as independent contractors, and vice versa. Many employers are unaware or have been misinformed about the requirements for independent contractor status, which leads to these misclassifications. Although each state has different laws regarding independent contractors, in Chammas’ home state of California, it is very difficult to achieve independent contractor status.

Dan Chammas

The general definition of an independent contractor is a person who provides services to another person or business under the terms specified in a contract. They are not an employee, and only work on an as-needed basis. Therefore, independent contractors do not receive the same benefits that full employees do, which motivates many companies to wrongfully classify their employees as independent contractors to avoid having to provide these benefits.

For someone to be classified as an independent contractor, there are several requirements they must meet, although ultimately the classification is determined on a situational basis. If you instruct or supervise the worker, can fire them at any time, or work with them as a part of your regular business activities, they are likely an employee and not an independent contractor. If the worker has a separate business and is able to make their own business decisions regarding their work, they are likely an independent contractor. Independent contractors also generally do not require training, provide their own tools, and are paid an agreed amount upon completion of the project.


Dan Chammas – Important Laws for California Employers

Dan Chammas is a lawyer based in Southern California who focuses on employment and consumer class action suits. Over the course of his career, he has defended several major companies in important cases throughout California, and is regarded as an expert in employment law. There are many legal regulations that affect California employers that many companies (especially small businesses and entrepreneurs), may not be aware of. There have also been many major changes to employment law in the past several years. Here are some of the most important laws for California employers to be aware of.

Dan Chammas

The first factor to be aware of is the classification of independent contractors. Many people are unaware of the exact regulations surrounding independent contractors, and what defines an independent contractor. If an employer knowingly or voluntarily classifies an employee as an independent contractor when they should not be, they may be charged penalties ranging anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on the frequency and severity of the violations. Employers who repeatedly misclassify their employers as independent contractors will be subject to higher penalties. Additionally, they cannot charge their employees any fees or deduct their pay to cover their misclassification.

There are also many laws covering discrimination when it comes to hiring decisions, wages, and employee benefits, many of which have been enacted fairly recently. During the hiring process, employers are not allowed to use consumer credit reports to make their decisions (although there are several notable exceptions to this rule). Job applications requiring credit check information must be altered to comply with this rule.

Employers also cannot discriminate on the basis of ‘gender expression’ or ‘gender identity’. Employers also must allow all employees to dress and act consistently with their own gender identity, and cannot use language in employee handbooks that restricts gender expression. Additionally, employers also may not discriminate based on genetic information, specifically any genetic tests, or a history of disease in the employee’s family history.

There are also many regulations regarding health care coverage for California employers. Specifically, employers must continue to provide regular group health care coverage during an employee’s pregnancy disability leave. The terms and conditions regarding the employee’s health care coverage must remain the same during this leave period. Employers must also provide the same health benefits for same-sex domestic partners as they would for heterosexual domestic partners, and cannot discriminate the coverage they provide on the basis of sexual orientation.

These are just a few of the many important laws that apply to employers in California. It is essential for employers to frequently review changes to employment law to ensure that they are compliant and that there is no unlawful treatment of employees. Dan Chammas is considered one of California’s most experience employment defense lawyers, and frequently advises organizations on employment law.